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It is common for would-be heirs to call the only attorney they know. Whether it’s a family law, personal injury, or even a criminal attorney.

Out of a sense of obligation, the attorney may be willing to take on the probate matter.

By not focusing on probate matters, the process is inefficient. The costs are higher. Opportunities are missed. And family relations are strained.

Texas Probate Law is Complicated

While the probate process in Texas is a time-driven, step-by-step process, there are steps that attorneys who are not versed in Texas probate law will often miss.

This is particularly true given that the Texas probate laws are constantly evolving. The Texas Probate Code was significantly amended in 2013. The amendments were substantial. The changes clarified many aspects of our probate laws. The resulting law is now referred to as the Texas Estates Code.

The Texas Estates Code provides the framework for probate matters. The case law that fills in the framework. This case law consists of court cases issued by the Texas Appeals Courts and, in rare cases, the Texas Supreme Court. By analogy, the Texas Estates Code is the skeletal system and the case law are the muscles and everything else that makes up a body.

Why Clients Hire Us For Their Probate Matters

This helps explain why clients hire us for their probate matters:

  1. Probate administration makes up a significant portion of our practice.
  2. We take the time to keep up with the probate law changes.
  3. We have developed streamlined methods for handling probate administration and probate litigation cases.

The result is often a faster more efficient probate administration or probate dispute. This can save time, money, and frustration with:

  1. Probate Administrations
  2. Probate Litigation
  3. Guardianships
  4. Estate Planning

If need help administering an probate in Texas, we want to hear from you. We are Corpus Christi Probate Attorneys. We help clients navigate the probate process.

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