Texas Probate Law and Guardianship

As people age, it may become increasingly difficult for them to manage their own affairs. When this happens, family members may step in to help, and in some cases, may even seek to become the legal guardian of their loved one. In Texas, a guardianship can be established for individuals who are unable to take […]

Undue Influence and Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation

When it comes to life insurance policies, it’s important to make sure that the beneficiary you have designated is the person you truly want to receive the death benefit. Unfortunately, there are situations where someone may use undue influence to change the beneficiary of a policy without the policyholder’s knowledge or consent. In this blog […]


Guardianship and Conservatorship in Texas Probate Courts

When a person becomes unable to make decisions for themselves or manage their own affairs, a guardianship or conservatorship may be established in Texas probate court. Both guardianship and conservatorship are legal processes that allow a court to appoint someone to make decisions and take actions on behalf of another person, known as the ward. […]

$2 Billion Powerball Win Highlights Need for Estate Planning

In Texas, the news of the recent $2 billion Powerball jackpot winner has brought attention to the importance of protecting wealth. Lottery officials announced that a single ticket holder took home the largest prize in U.S. history. But history has shown that many lottery winners find themselves in financial trouble within five years of hitting […]


6 Things a Texas Trust Beneficiary Should Know

When you’re the beneficiary of a Texas trust, there are certain things that you should know. From understanding the different types of trusts in Texas to knowing your rights as a beneficiary, these six things will help you navigate your way through the process. Whether you’re setting up a trust for someone else or establishing […]